Thursday, March 6, 2008

Video Preview

The Video Preview command (File>Export>Video Preview) is a handy way of viewing your work on a standard video monitor.

This little known command can help save a project by allowing you to preview the image and see just what it's going to look like on screen. This is the perfect tool to use when creating DVD menus or lower thirds, or for making sure your images will look right when presenting them in court (yes, some still output to tape for viewing on a TV monitor).

So, how do you facilitate this? If you are already using a Firewire connected workflow, then just make sure your break-out box is bi-directional. If you are looking to add this functionality, try one of the ADVCs from Canopus. Remember that this capture option introduces compression (about 5:1), so make sure that it's appropriate to use this option for capturing your video. However, with the exception of the ADVC 55, all of Canopus' models are bi-directional - meaning an ADVC is an inexpensive option for passing the video signal back up to your monitor from Photoshop. The ADVC 110 lists for US$269. Datavideo also has a line of video converters. From what I've read, some of their models also act as firewire repeaters - allowing you to extend the range of your firewire cables and keep the signal strength intact.


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