Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Using layers to speed things up

Here's an older technique that still works well. A question came in about working  some scans of photos from an old case file. The negatives had long since been lost, but the prints were still in the file and needed to be scanned and cleaned up. The agency hasn't upgraded to a CS version of Photoshop. What to do?

Try this. After scanning the prints, correct the first one using the Forensic Photoshop workflow. In this case, I've used a Curves adjustment to correct for the colour drift in the print and an Exposure adjustment to help the shoe print really stand out. Then, I created a Group from the adjustments.

The final step in the process is easy. Just drag the group's folder on to the uncorrected image. The adjustments will automatically apply to the second (uncorrected) image. Fix the first ... then fix them all.

When faced with a seemingly difficult task like fixing a bunch old prints, Photoshop can make light work of it all in just a few simple steps.

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