Saturday, March 22, 2008

Massive CCTV Failure

Here's a link to a story from New York clearly illustrating the problems with massive CCTV deployments. Our prayers are with the victims and their families.

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Doktor Jon said...

Thanks Jim for highlighting what is a quite extraordinary story.

It says in the piece "Roughly 224 cameras feed live video to 30 small TV monitors. Each camera's image flashes for only seven seconds."

If that description of the video surveillance systems core functioning is actually correct, then someone has made an absolutely fundamental error in the design and implementation of what should be a fairly straightforward operation.

Camera systems employing hundreds of cameras are almost the norm over here in the UK, and not withstanding the recognised problems for Operators in trying to cope with image overload, that should not divert from the primary objective, which is to ensure that an efficient and appropriate Evidential Quality Recording system is in place, to allow investigators access to decent Forensic Surveillance images.

On the face of it, this sounds more like something we would have expected perhaps twenty years ago :-(