Tuesday, March 11, 2008

O2M - Product Review

I wanted to get years of saved mail from Outlook for Windows into my new Mac. I searched Google for tips. I found that very few apps could import a PST file from Outlook. Even Entourage, Microsoft's own product, will not migrate Windows mail.

Sure, I could use Thunderbird or SeaMonkey. I tried them both, but I didn't like how they worked. I like the new .Mac/Apple Mail. So, how do I get my PST file into Apple Mail? The answer came from an anonymous comment (my thanks to you just the same).

O2M, a product from Little Machines, claims to be the fastest product out there for transferring all things Outlook into your Mac. Until the comment, I'd never heard of them. A search on Google for the topic didn't return their site in the first few pages. How good can the product be if no one's heard of it?

Outstanding! That's how good it is. I downloaded the trial as a test. I was able to convert a folder and some contacts into the standard MBox format. From there, I could import the MBox file into Apple Mail. it worked so well that I bought the license - and it only costs US$10.00.

I've got over 5000 saved messages in a PST file that's almost 1GB in size. O2M took about 30 minutes to save it all in the MBox format. Then, I just imported those files into my Apple Mail program. With .Mac, I could move some of the files into my on-line folders. Who would have thought it could be so easy?

If you are moving to Mac from PC and have to get your mail out of Outlook, give O2M a try. I think that, like me, you'll love it.

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Anonymous said...

PST Converter Pro is far better than O2M for $10. I've used demo version of both products & found PST Converter Pro has a very rich feature list. I am going to buy a license soon. I hope this information would be helpful.