Saturday, March 8, 2008

MacBook Pro

Today starts a new era ... my new MacBook Pro arrived. I've brought the old stuff in via Parallels for now. As time goes on, I'll replace the apps run in Parallels with native Mac apps. 

First question: which is the best e-mail client for Mac? I'd like to export my saved mail from Outlook and still be able to access it without trouble.

Second question: what's the best way to get my iTunes library from the WinXP share into iTunes on my Mac?

I'm already loving this. A keyboard that lights up and a screen that adjusts to the ambient light. Who would have thought?



Kevin said...

I use for email. Although, I don't know if it's the best. It works well for what I want. There is of course Microsoft Entourage in Office. That will work with Exchange and may work with your Outlook setup better.

For copying iTunes files to your Mac, Apple has a support tutorial on this. should help.

Trying to Fix the World said...

Congrats on the switch! I also switched about a month ago.

I don't use Outlook, I use gmail, so I can't help you there (although I'm sure there's a tutorial on the Apple website).

Regarding transferring your music library, I just used an external hard drive. I copied all of my music and the source file over without a problem.