Tuesday, December 9, 2008

when you have to photograph the monitor's image

An e-mail came in asking about problems related to taking pictures of a TV screen. Interestingly enough, there are times when officers will have no choice but to take a picture of what they see in order to preserve "the evidence." Whilst this certainly is not the "best way," it may be the only way. As such, it's best to get it right the first time ... there might not be a second shot at it . So, here's a quick look at photographing the images on a DCCTV's monitor. 

The key here is to match the shutter speed with the monitor image's refresh rate. For full motion video, you'll want to be at 1/30 (30 fps). For other settings, you may want a slower shutter speed. Be careful with the slower speeds as motion may tend to get blurred.

You'll definitely want to bring your tri-pod with you. Don't forget to turn the flash off. You don't want the reflection off of the monitor's surface. Check the images in the camera before you leave the scene. Take your time and you'll get it right.

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