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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cameras disappoint Durham police

Cameras disappoint Durham police
By Stanley B. Chambers Jr. in the News and Observer.

Police hoped that the cameras lined up along Angier Avenue would be the latest technology to help them fight crime. They had visions of not only capturing criminals in the act on video, but also controlling the cameras remotely from police cars to keep ever-present eyes on the street.

But so far, after months of work, the video surveillance program has not produced one arrest, and its future is uncertain.

Documents obtained by The News & Observer -- e-mail between city officials and TelePort Systems Inc., the Baltimore-based company that installed the system -- detail a project filled with missed deadlines, recurring technological problems and complaints from police officers and city officials.

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Hopefully, I won't be reporting on a similar story with a more local connection any time soon.

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