Monday, December 15, 2008

On-Line Training

I received word today that we've registered our first international student for the self-paced Introduction to Forensic Photoshop. That's great news. The EU was first out of the gate. Who will be next?

With budgets a mess around the country, and around the world, on-line training is making more sense. On-line training allows your agency to save on airfare, rental cars, hotel stays, per diem ... and they get to keep their best employees around the home office. Now I know that the grumbling usually starts with ... but we like to travel. I know. But, money's tight these days. Employers can either count their savings or enroll two or three students for the price of sending one away to training.

The introductory course simply sets the foundation, gets us all talking the same language. It takes you through the steps in a structured way. It gets you ready to dive head first into the upcoming Advanced class.

As you look towards 2009, consider investing in your Photoshop skills. Click here for more info or to register for the course.


Just to clarify this: This course is indeed an introduction. It's meant to get you from a zero point to feeling comfortable enough to take a more advanced course. It is also entirely self-paced. You work the exercises, you watch the videos, you answer the outline questions at your own pace and to your own satisfaction. When you are ready (within 6 months) - you take the test. It's really that simple.

The Advanced Course will be ready to go after the first of the year and will run in a more traditional on-line style with virtual blackboards, assignments, due dates, and so forth.

Thanks for your patience.

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