Monday, December 15, 2008

Continuing Legal Education

A while back, I was a guest of the LA District Attorney's Office as part of their Continuing Legal Education program. The topic was Using Video Evidence in Trial. The talk was scheduled for 2 hours on a Saturday and was quite successful. I've held similar programs for the LA City Attorney's Office, including one specifically on presenting video evidence with PowerPoint.

I'm looking at my calendar for the next year and I thought of putting the word out. If there is an interest in hosting one of these classes at your organisation, feel free to let me know. We'll sit down with our calendars and hopefully work out a class or set of classes that meet your training needs.

This type of evidence can be tricky to present. Knowing the issues can make/break a case. Let's work together to get your investigators and attorneys up to speed on the latest info and cases. 

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