Thursday, August 28, 2008

IE 8 Beta 2 - ready to download

Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer 8 - Beta 2 is available for download. But, before you rush out and download it, read what others are saying, and why you might want to wait until the full version gets released.

One of the new features, the so-called "porn mode," or private browsing, is an interesting development. Even funnier is that the private browsing feature is the default mode. Just what is Microsoft saying about its customers?

As always, I recommend against putting beta version on your production machines. Use a throw-away computer to test software. Better yet, use a virtual disk or Faronics Deep Freeze. Or ... skip IE altogether and get a Mac.

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XTC Domains said...

While I completely agree that a Mac is less likely to contract a virus, it still doesn't prevent virus from being delivered to your friends with PC's via email and web servers. One thing to keep in mind is to have a virus scanner on your Mac to scan files. (Responsible know No Scrub no Love). Secondly, if you are upgrading to IE8 you might want to consider Firefox 3, It has all the security features of IE, script blocking etc... but is much more forgiving when rendering bad HTML Code... there are limitations particularly with Microsoft's .NET, .ASP, and ASPX features but none the less in my opinion Firefox is worth taking a look at!