Thursday, August 21, 2008

RIP Casey Caudle

Please take a moment to remember the life, good works, and good deeds of Casey Caudle, a Forensic Video and Image Analysis Examiner with Target Corporation who recently passed away.

Keep his family and friends in your prayers. 

To read what Casey's friends are saying, click here.

May almighty God, in his infinite mercy, grant that we may meet again, to part no more.

Update: From Dorothy Stout of Resolution Video

In Memory of Casey Caudle
August 20, 2008
We are all saddened to hear about the death of Casey Caudle, Forensic Video and Image Analysis Examiner for Target Corporation, and part-time Instructor for Resolution Video. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues.

His Funeral Service will be held Saturday, August 23rd, at 2PM at the 1st Baptist Church in Ardmore, OK. The family is requesting that no flowers be sent. A trust fund for Casey's children will be created and more information will be forthcoming. If you would like to send letters or cards, please send them to:

Craig Thrane
Target Corporation
TPN 0303 
7000 Target Parkway
Brooklyn Park, MN. 55445

I also wanted to let you know that Larry Compton of will be providing a collective memorial page on his website. This is wonderful place to share with others your stories about Casey as well as how he impacted your life. I have smiled and found comfort from the few posts that are already there. I hope you will take a moment to share your memories and read the memories of others too.

Below is a small memory of my own: 
I met Casey a while back through the forensic video community and got to know him well over the years. Although I had met Casey before, we had the chance to sit down and talk at a training class in Dallas, TX back in 2004. During the class I teamed him with a student who needed extra time to learn and the student was driving him a bit crazy. I remember telling Casey that out of all the people in the class I knew he was the only one who had the patience to be this student's partner. So I bought him a drink (Jack Daniels of course) to thank him for his perseverance and we talked.

Since that time Casey provided me with much needed support and encouragement. He kept me laughing by teasing me with nicknames and he pushed my intellect by asking too many questions. I appreciated his candor and his wit. But most of all I valued his friendship.

It is difficult for me to express how deeply saddened I am to loose Casey as a colleague and a friend. Let me simply end this message by saying Casey will truly be missed.

Dorothy Stout
Resolution Video Inc.


momann said...

Thanks to all of the forensic video community. I am Casey's mom and we are all grieving so much but it does help to hear some of the stories that other people have written on different web sites. I have written to media geek but want everyone to meet Casey's family. His wife Angela, who he loved very much, has now moved back to Oklahoma with Shelby 11 and Kaelie 6. Casey's, pride and joy, Cole is 18 and looks just like his dad and Miss Em as Casey called her is 11 and they live in Sulphur, OK. Casey has a sister Sherry that lives in Gene Autry with her husband Don. Joe is his older brother who also lives in Sulphur with his wife Audrey. We are his parents and we also live in Sulphur, OK. It helps us to let his forensic family know about Casey's own family. We are grieving at the loss of a son, father, and brother, that had so much promise in the world. It hurts us that he could teach so many people how to do things, but couldn't pour his mind out to anyone. Just a little bit about a wonderful son that left this earth too soon. We do know that he told some of his fellow workers on Wednesday before his death that he knew where he would spend eternity because of his belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. His dad and I would like to join him today but God has
let us know that is not in his plans. So until we join him in heaven please pray for Angela, 4 children, parents, 1 brother and 1 sister as we start our new life without our country boy from Oklahoma. Thanks, Ann Caudle

Anonymous said...

its hard losing your dad nowing that what he did was one of the most important jobs. and my dad loved to do his job. but he took time awhy from his job sometimes to be with me and cole, like when we would go and see him. my dad was the best. he has told me lots of stuff about forensics i wont to thank every one who has helped me get better about the loss.

Casey will alwase be remeberd. i miss him to much.

Thanks, emily/ miss em.