Friday, August 1, 2008

Interesting Product Alert

Here's an interesting and handy product: the Bushnell 78-4405 Car Window Mount. How cool is this ... you can mount your camera on the window of your car (passengers only please) and shoot your surveillance photos. No more trying to figure out the footing of your monopod inside of your vehicle.

Check it out and see for yourself. At less than $30, how can you go wrong?

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winniepooh said...

I have this mount and it works as advertised. No you can't have the engine idling it will vibrate the image. A Canon with a IS lens may help with the idling engine. I am an amature so the birds I shoot do not mind seeing the camera. In police work your subjects will notice a camera hanging on the window. A clean tinted window, closed, with a suction cup mount would be less conspicuous. I used to process police film in the past and often the officer did not understand the camera or photography well enough to get a usable image. To get the best images a trained photographer is needed. Photography is a popular hobby and there may be good hobbyist photographers in your local force. Check your personal. Practice first. Know what your equipment and personal can and can not do. For example Sony's consumer cams have night shot allowing infrared videos in total darkness. You must have an infrared illuminator They are not starlight scopes but moon light gives a good image. Canon makes one of it's EOS digital SLR's with out an infrared blocking filter for astronomical use, this will also work as an infrared camera with an infrared source. You only need an infrared passing filter on the lens for specialized work like seeing through some types of clothing for hidden wepons etc.