Thursday, August 14, 2008

Job qualifications

I've had several questions about getting work in forensics. Some wanted to know about working for government agencies. Getting a job with the government can be a long process. Some jobs require clearances and lots of paperwork.

Applying for government service jobs can be a very intrusive process. How's your credit? How do your neighbours feel about you? Do you have relatives overseas? What about your medical history?

"You may think that you can just apply for the clearance and in no time the job will be yours, but the process isn’t quite that simple.

You cannot obtain a security clearance for yourself. Your current or prospective employer has to do this for you. Since the process is costly and time-consuming, organizations won’t do it unless it’s absolutely essential. Make sure you arm yourself with the following information so you’re ready to apply for the jobs you are targeting."

Check out the rest of the story by clicking here. PoliceLink has some really helpful information on getting work in government service.

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