Monday, August 4, 2008

Wanted ...

Wanted: Fuji IS-1 and Fuji IS Pro

These cameras have been out in the press for a while now. But, sales are restricted to certain segments of society. Being a properly certified law enforcement customer, I want them. Problem is ... finding out who to talk to, who to get a price quotation from, and so forth has been quite the mystery.

Be on the look out.

If anyone has information leading to the purchase and enjoyment of the Fuji IS-1 and the Fuji IS Pro, please notify the investigators at Forensic Photoshop.

Thank you. 

Message ends.

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Jim Hoerricks said...

What a difference a few hours makes. Not only did several readers suggest places to purchase the gear, but a rep from Fuji also sent a note. Thanks to everyone for all of your help.