Friday, August 8, 2008

Premiere Pro CS3 - exporting still images

So, here we are. We've set up our project. We've imported assets into our bin. Now, we want to get still images out. Here's the quick and easy way.

Double clicking on the clip in the bin loads it in the Preview Monitor. Once there, you can set your In and your Out Points.

Once the In and Out Points are set, click and hold the clip from within the Preview Window and drag it on to the Timeline. You may have to press the Return/Enter key to render the clip on the time line. Setting the In/Out Points within the Preview window will allow you to speed up your work and sets up the next step.

Click on File>Export>Movie. This will allow you to export a sequence of still images (we'll get to the single frame export next). You'll be presented with the following dialog box.

From the File Type drop-down menu, select Tiff. For your Range, select Entire Sequence. Since we trimmed the clip down to only that area in which we are interested, we can export the sequence of stills and get the sequence of stills out of Premiere in a few simple clicks. Select your destination and click OK.

To export a single frame from the Timeline, select File>Export>Frame. Select the destination folder and click OK.

In all, exporting still frames from Premiere Pro CS3 is a relatively easy process. You have the option of exporting a range of frames, or a single frame. Once the image is out of Premiere, it's time to move over to Photoshop to clarify and prepare the images for print / electronic distribution, and/or archival.

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