Thursday, July 17, 2008

Unwanted Colour Shifts

Sometimes, the changes that we make to light introduce unwanted colour shifts. This week at NATIA, we looked at a simple way to stop this from happening using blending modes.

Finding and setting the black and white points on this image proved to be a little challenging. But, we found values that worked using a Threshold adjustment layer. We cancelled the adjustment once we set our points (using the Shift key).

A Curves adjustment was easy once our Black and White points were chosen in the image and the values were set in the dialog box. With this image, there is a bit of a hazy cast that we wanted to get rid of. But, once we set our values - the colours shifted. Not wanting this effect, we needed a way to just affect the light (tone).

We set our blending mode to Luminosity, thus limiting our changes to the tonality of the image and leaving colour unchanged. With that, the haze was gone.

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Scott Crouse said...

It was a pleasure meeting you and taking one of your classes this week at NATIA. Even when your standing on a street corner claiming your under age and want me to get ya a beer! Thanks for the excellent new techniques. Just wish I was still in town for your noise class tomorrow. Cheers.