Wednesday, July 23, 2008

iPhone Forensics

The new iPhone adds yet another line to the list of capture devices on the market for us image analysts to worry about. Getting to the data can be problematic if you aren't trained in computer forensics or don't have access to someone who is.

Thankfully, a new Rough Cut showed up on Safari Books, iPhone Forensics. It's a rather well put together book on getting everything out of an iPhone. The author even adds instructions for Vista users.

Check it out by clicking here.

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Laserheart said...

If anyone's interested, I read the following message from the author, on an iPhone blog:

From Jonathan Zdziarski:

I was hoping you could help get the word out about a forensics seminar and workshop I am giving in Boston this fall. Many have been asking me to come do on-site training for personnel, and so O'Reilly and I have teamed up to put a workshop together as a means of training corporate security professionals and law enforcement investigators. The conference is located in Boston on Sep 11-12 and will be a two-day hands-on, low-level workshop on performing forensic recovery and examination of both a first-gen iPhone and an iPhone 3G.

The informational URL can be found here: and attendees can pre-register directly with me until O'Reilly gets their registration site up.
I sure would appreciate a plug!