Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More bad news for CCTV fans

From the Herald - Dublin, Ireland.

"City officials said in a report that there are a number of problems with "passive cameras", which are ones not monitored in real time but viewed after the event."

"The cameras have to be set so as to focus on a single small area, otherwise the footage captured would not be useful in identifying anyone involved in anti-social behaviour," the report stated.

"This requires that the anti-social behaviour happens 'in-shot'. Our experience in setting the mobile covert anti-dumping CCTV to capture instances of dumping in-shot leads us to the conclusion that this approach is only about 10pc effective in actually capturing an event of dumping," it added.

Many politicians still insist that placing more cameras in problem areas will help reduce crime. Unfortunately for them, the reality of this situation is beginning to be reported

This quote from the article pretty much sums it up, "And officials said, even when the dumping has been caught on camera, the council has never actually identified the culprit from the footage."

What do you do when your local leaders continue to help generate these mountains of image based evidence? You do as always, the best that you can with what you have. As workloads increase, you have a valuable resource - the Forensic Photoshop workflow.

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