Thursday, July 24, 2008

RAW work around

In answering some of the questions from the NATIA Photoshop classes, it made me realise just how many people had yet to upgrade to Photoshop CS3. Sometimes, budgets get tight and that additional money is just not there. With that in mind, there was a question about using RAW files with the older version of Adobe Camera Raw (supported by Photoshop CS2).

There is a work around for this.

Click here to visit the Adobe Digital Negative Converter page and check to see if your camera is supported. Then download the Adobe Digital Negative Converter. Use it to convert your RAW files to DNG files. Then, simply open the DNG files in your version of ACR.

It's always best to get the latest version of the software. But, when budgets are tight ... you"ll need some help. As always, we're thinking about you. You might consider adding a software upgrade support contract to your next purchase. In that way, you'll have the upgrades pre-paid. Just a thought.

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