Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Video Capture Poll

There was an outstanding question posed at the NATIA conference Photoshop class. It had to do with simple and quick techniques for pulling still images from video. Unfortunately, the answer depends on the editor. In class, we went over the options for pulling still images from Premiere Pro CS3 ... and I'll do it here in a future post.

I've started a poll in the side bar. It asks a simple question, "What editor do you use in working with video." I'd like to see what's being used and what's the more popular platforms. From that, I'll start the next series ... pulling still images from video editors. The poll results will determine the order of the future posts.

Please take a moment and complete the poll. If you have multiple platforms, check the appropriate box. If your editor of choice doesn't appear in the poll, submit it via the comments function below. In the future, we'll look at cameras. So, stay tuned.

Thanks ... and enjoy.

1 comment:

Jim Hoerricks said...

I received a free copy of Eidus Neo with my Canopus ADVC but have never used it. If anyone is using this editor, send me a note.