Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sprint SmartView Connectivity Problems

Some folks use laptops to assist them at crime scenes, accessing the internet with their air cards to research DVR problems, codec issues, manuals, and so forth.

Sprint is a popular contractor in government circles. Their SmartView connection software has an interesting settings issue in Windows - and it only seems to pop-up at random.

It's an odd error - saying that the computer is already connected to the internet, thus SmartView is unable to make the outgoing connection.

Error - "External Connection is already present."

Solution (thanks to P Burger from Perrysburg, OH):
  1. Click on "Tools" in the top menu of the first window that has the "Connect" button.
  2. Click on "Settings..."
  3. Click the "Rules Engine" tab
  4. Check the "Use Rules Engine" if not checked already.
  5. Under "Connection Maintenance" choose "Maintain estalished connection regardless of other network availability".
  6. Click "Ok"
The sad thing about this: Sprint's help system doesn't contain any info about this issue.

I hope this tip helps relieve a little frustration in connecting to the internet with Sprint.


Anonymous said...

With the new version of SmartView 2.22.0046.0, there are no options for "Connection Maintenance" or "Tools/Options/Rules Engine" or least any that I can find. I am having problems with connecting to a VPN and the previous post would seem to be the solution.

Jim Hoerricks said...

They keep moving things around ...
Try Tools>Settings.
Then Hardware.
Towards the bottom there should be a radio button for Allow Simultaneous Connections - Click it.
This should solve your connection issue.
Cheers and thanks for reading.

Pierre Kerbage said...

THANK YOU ! Tools | Settings | Hardware | Allow simultaneous connections DOES solve VPN issues. I wonder why Sprint did not default that ! Even calling their technical support on Saturday 11-21-09 resulted in a "duuuhhhhh" answer and their support was nice, polite, but non helpful (like usual). Untrained and no processes to escalate. I can't believe that Smartview does not support the MAC or Windows 7. Unbelievable.

ChaunyBaby said...

Jim Hoerricks, I want to have one of your kids. Hahaha...THANKS! I couldn't find that Sprint SmartView "Rules Engine" tab anywhere! Thanks for showing me I'm not crazy..or legally blind.