Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saving Stills with Sony Vegas Pro

When first working with Sony Vegas Pro, many folks get confused about the process of exporting still images. They've probably used an Avid or an Adobe product, so they go to the File menu looking for the Export submenu. Big problem, there is no Export submenu. How then do you get stills out of Vegas Pro?

Stills are called Snapshots is Vegas' world. The floppy disc icon that's positioned around the playback monitor is used to Save Snapshot to File.

Position the Playback head accordingly (selecting the frame to be saved) and click on the icon. This will bring up the Save Snapshots to File dialog box. Then name the snapshot and choose it's location. You'll have the option to save the image as a JPEG or a PNG.

Which should you choose?

Hint: the JPEG image is saved with lossy compression. The PNG file (Portable Network Graphics) is saved with lossless compression (Deflate).

With the format selection made, save the image to your drive. You are now ready to work the image in Photoshop.

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