Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Custom Keywords in Bridge CS4

I was giving a lecture recently and one observant member of the audience noticed that my Keywords panel in Bridge CS4 looked remarkably different than his.

I've created my own keywords and hierarchy ... one that seems to make sense for what we analysts do. I can tag based on crime type, what I'm asked to get, who's in the picture, the location of the camera, the picture's problems, the source, where it's going, and so forth.

It's helpful in sorting through vast quantities of work looking for images of number plates taken from interior cameras that look out to the street and so forth. It's also a quick way to build a "six pack" line up card, as I can keyword for image size and people.

As it seemed popular, once it was explained what I'd done, I'll post the keyword file to the book's secure web site in the next few days. Owners of the book will be able to download it for free (membership has its privileges).

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