Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ACR settings question

A reader writes in to ask the difference between two settings found in the Camera Raw Preferences dialog in Bridge CS4.

What's the difference between Automatically open all supported JPEGs and Tiffs and Automatically open JPEGs / TIFFs with settings? Good question.

Automatically open all supported does just that. If the file's been opened in ACR and saved with settings or if the file has never been opened by ACR, the file will open in ACR.

Automatically open ... with settings is slightly different. If the file's been opened in ACR and the settings changed / saved, then the next time you choose to open it - up pops ACR. If you've never opened it and changed / saved settings and you chose Open from within Bridge CS4 - up pops Photoshop CS4. With this setting enabled, you'll need to manually choose to Open in Camera Raw.

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