Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why CS4?

Just about everyone who writes about or teaches Photoshop is getting bombarded with questions about Photoshop CS4. In the government world, they tend to centre around "should we upgrade or should we wait?"

Here's the short answer: UPGRADE

If you've spent a truck-load full of cash on those high-end workstations from Ocean Systems, Salient Stills, Signalscape, Intergraph, and the like - they all have massive GPU power in the box. Photoshop CS4 has offloaded much of what used to be done in software to your machine's hardware, which really speeds things up. This hardware acceleration combined with a tightening up of the underlying code and redesigned panels means time savings to you. 

In today's "time is money" world, getting a little of that time back is reason #1 to justify the expense - think ROI (return on investment).

Tomorrow, we'll look at reason #2 to upgrade.

Until then ... enjoy.

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