Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here's what I want from the next version of Photoshop

In an old blog post, Scott Kelby asks folks to list their top ten requests for new features to be included in the next Photoshop release.

Many of the comments he received were great. But, I'd like to add just one:

1. Presets for the Custom Filter ...

Sharpen Vertically
Sharpen Horizontally
Blur Vertically
Blur Horizontally
Sharpen Horizontally and Blur Vertically
Blur Horizontally and Sharpen Vertically

and etc.

... with an accompanying strength and/or fade slider.

I keep waiting, and using it as-is like a faithful old friend. (I know, it's called "Custom" for a reason. One can only ask and hope for the best, after all.)

1 comment:

drbuzz0 said...

Better scaling/resizing would be nice too. I guess that doesn't matter as much for forensic usage, but the bicubic scaling in photoshop doesn't measure up to some of the newer algorithms. They could at least add Lancoz based resizing.