Friday, January 16, 2009

Why CS4 - reason 3

Still on the fence about upgrading to CS4? Here's another reason to upgrade: new camera support.

The 4.6 update to Adobe Camera Raw was the last one for version 4. Now ACR is in version 5 and has already been updated since its initial release. What does this mean? New camera support will take place in ACR 5, not version 4. Stay with CS3, and you won't get that support.

ACR 5 also adds built in camera profiles for many manufacturers. Remember, shooting RAW mean no processing (which is why the RAW images tend to look flat). Saving JPEGs in the camera adds processing to the image. The addition of camera profile functionality in ACR 5 makes your RAW processing a little easier. But we'll get into ACR later.

Until then ... enjoy.

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