Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why CS4 - reason 2

What was the old rule of thumb for zooming in? You only achieved an accurate view at certain view levels: 100%, 50%, etc. Not any more.

Thanks to the power of your computer's GPU, with Photoshop CS4 you can see the image accurately at every zoom level. Yes, that's right ... your image will look sharp at every zoom level.

What's more, if you select the Zoom Tool then click and hold within the image, you will watch in amazement as your image zooms in seamlessly. No more click and wait, click and wait ...

Another cool thing that is now possible thanks to your GPU is called "flick panning." iPhone and iPod touch users are used to this type of panning ... just press, hold, and flick to move the image around. This handy way of moving around an image is now part of Photoshop.

Want more? How about "Birds eye view." When you are zoomed in, click on H for the Hand tool. The image zooms out all the way (thus the name). Then, move the hand to the portion of the image that you need to see, and click again. You'll be zoomed in on that part of the image instantly. A couple of clicks speed your way around the image. You can also hold the Opt/Alt key and use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out of your image.

Not sure yet? Need more convincing? Ok ... here it goes. If you use a tablet (like me) and you are used to moving the tablet around to get a comfortable angle for painting masks or dodging/burning, you'll love this new feature. Click on the R key to rotate the image on the screen. Here you aren't changing the pixel matrix, you are just using that GPU to move the image around. So, instead of contorting your workspace, just rotate the image on screen. Now that's cool.

Still not convinced. Tomorrow we'll look at even more reasons to upgrade.

Until then ... enjoy.

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