Friday, January 23, 2009

What are they thinking?

Washington State's HB 1262 - 2009 -10, Establishing conditions for video monitoring in public schools has had its first reading and is being considered in their Education committee. 

It all sounds well meaning, until you get to the part that will bankrupt the local districts:

"(3) The school district shall preserve the original of any video monitoring for not less than six years from the date of the monitoring."

Six years? What are they thinking?

Frame size x frames per second x seconds recorded x number of cameras / compression. The average school is open from 6a-6p M-F, more if they offer adult education at night. That's a whole lot of storage need to get to a 6 year retention.

I sure hope that someone in Washington State is listening. In these tough economic times, this "black hole" will break many districts if it is passed as-is.

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