Friday, June 6, 2008

Adobe Creative Suite 3.3 - the update

It figures. Not too long after I pull the plug on my WinXP machines and invest in the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection for Mac, they announce an upgrade - Creative Suite 3.3.

The good news is that it will only cost an additional $159 to upgrade from my new software. For the upgrade price, I'll get Acrobat 9 Pro - which offers some interesting new functionality. I'm looking forward to trying out its Acrobat Connect functionality for sharing, collaborating, or reviewing documents in real-time.

Speaking of which, I am currently working out the details of the first of a series of free Acrobat Connect Sessions to be hosted by your humble host and Rick Miller, Photoshop and Lightroom guru from Adobe. If it all works out, the first session will kick off in the first week of July. So stay tuned as this new feature is developed. NaTIA members can see Rick in action during the pre-conference sessions at Adobe. You should have received the sign-up materials already. Get those in soon. There are only so many seats available. When they are gone ... they are gone. Make sure that you get in on this opportunity to get your training from Adobe - at Adobe.


Bitter Half said...

So, you think that the new Acrobat deserves upgrading the whole new suite to 3.3? There's got to be more than Acrobat 9. What do you reckon?

Jim Hoerricks said...

Design Suite adds Fireworks CS3. For the Master Suite, the only thing that I can see that's changed is Acrobat.

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