Monday, June 2, 2008

From Photons to Pixels and Contrast to Convolution

You've read the blog, you've bought the book, now learn the techniques live this October in Orlando at the 2008 LEVA Conference.

"In this two-day course, students will explore the sources of image-based evidence, how to retrieve the highest quality images possible, and enhancement techniques used to reveal hidden details in these images. Students will rely upon Adobe's Photoshop CS3 Extended for their work and will evaluate a number of third-party tools to be used in conjunction with Photoshop. Students will also explore reliable, repeatable and defensible steps in a forensic imaging workflow that both minimize time spent and maximize results obtained from still image evidence."

Students must bring a laptop to work on class files.

Chris Russ, Reindeer Graphics
Jim Hoerricks, Forensic Photoshop blog.

Check it out by clicking here. LEVA membership is not required to attend this event, so book your seat early. This class is sure to sell out!

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