Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Creating Timelines for Presentations

For so long, PowerPoint has been THE tool for creating presentations for court. Slowly, as folks discover Macs, Keynote is sneaking into the courtrooms. Now, there's something else for creating timelines that seems to be a lot easier to use. It's called, uniquely enough, Timeline and it's made by Bee Docs.

Bee Docs offers a free trial to check it out for yourself. The 3D version allows you create some stunningly useful timelines that are simply not possible in the other programs. This will become helpful as your timelines become more complex. Got a RICO case? You'll need something like this to keep from going mad in trial prep.

There are a ton of other features available in this easy to use and inexpensive program. Check out what others are saying by clicking here and here.

Yet another reason to switch to Mac.

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