Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Wells Point

I received the following note from a member of my local Photoshop Users Group:

Fellow LA Photoshop meetup members, I highly recommend this site for information that will improve photographic skills,

David Wells is a master photographer who specializes in study of light and in photo essays involving social commentary and observation. His web site and the podcasts make his shared knowledge more accessible. Sort of a portable David H. Wells; portable wisdom and input from a 30 year veteran, working professional photographer who's professional experience includes traditional photojournalism, light studies, published photo essays about societal and social issues, and stock photography.

From David Wells:

I have been working on a new project and I am really excited about it's possibilities. To get this project to take off, I need help from photographers like you, so I am writing today to ask for your assistance in passing along the word about it.

The new educational web site, The Wells Point, is the project I am completely immersed in these days. The site features useful (and free) multimedia podcasts about photography and photo techniques.

The craftsmanship podcasts walk you through specific techniques that will improve the craft of your photography. The creativity podcasts will stimulate your creativity as a photographer. They build on the idea that looking at great photographs is the second best way to become a better photographer. (The best way is to regularly make images and get feedback on them. Giving feedback on images is one of the long-term projects at the Wells Point.)

The Wells Point also has my blog, where I write about things that I encounter in my daily routine as a photographer. Some entries are about the business of photography and others are about the craft. Still others focus on the creative side of the medium.

Building The Wells Point has been slow going and my hat goes off to my partner in this endeavor, Derek Wahila. And now the site is up and running. You can even download the podcasts on ITunes! If you have ITunes installed on your computer, click
here and it will open automatically to The Wells Point podcast feed.

If you are not a member of your local users group, I highly recommend searching them out and joining up. There's a lot of shared knowledge in these groups, knowledge that may help you in your progress to Photoshop Mastery.

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