Monday, February 16, 2009

Advanced class on the way

We're just putting the finishing touches on the Advanced Forensic Photoshop class at the AIFE. This class will leverage the power of on-line collaboration tools to put your Photoshop and forensic skills to the test.

Join me as we work through six cases from start to finish. Each case will present different imaging challenges (or a combination of challenges).  Not only will students be required to clarify the images, but they will be required to answer investigators' questions to determine if the image data supports the investigators' theories about the crimes. In order to complete the investigators' requests, you'll need to properly document your work and ensure that it can be repeated by your peers. 

It will be an interesting and challenging format. Not only will students be required to perform their own work, they will also be responsible for checking their fellow students' work; is it well documented, can it be repeated, does their data support their conclusions?

The on-line format gives us the opportunity to stretch the 40 hours of "class time" over a few weeks, whilst respecting your already busy schedule. It also gives us the opportunity to include folks those in states with budget troubles (like California and New York) who can't afford to travel to training.

Many analysts say that over 95% of the cases that they work on do not require testimony or cross examination. It's those remaining 5% of your cases, the ones that make it to trial, that can make or break a career. This class will help prepare you for those 5%. 

Click on the AIFE link above to request more info on the class.

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