Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Using Nikon cameras just got a little easier

I can't tell you the amount of mail that I get from around the world that describes the following scenario:

"I've just promoted/transfered into a posting and found a whole room full of gear. I'm new to this and have no idea how any of it is supposed to work. Please help."

Often times, this room full of gear includes cameras from Nikon. These great cameras can often stump even the most technical of people. For us photographers, things like aperture, stops, metering, and such are second nature. But to someone new, its like a foreign language.

So this person has an amazing kit of gear and now has to go and use it. Where do they go for help? Thankfully, there's a ton of books on the subject. One such book, the Nikon Creative Lighting System by Mike Hagen is an outstanding introduction to flash photography using Nikon's flashes.

Where would this come into play? Crime scenes, evidence photography, the list is quite long. Knowing how to properly light a scene or an object takes a bit of practice and the right techniques. This book is a detail packed gem that's written so that most new photographers will grasp the techniques easily. Included are detailed instructions on the SB-600/800/900 and the R1C1 Flashes. Even if you aren't using these flashes, you'll get a lot out of seeing how they are used for various situations. Evidence photographers will probably want to run right out and buy the R1C1 for their Nikon after reading this book.

And as an added bonus, you'll get an offer code for a 50% reduction in the Gold membership price for the Nikonians - the largest internet community for Nikon shooters. This discount alone saves you more than the price of the book. 

With the Nikonians discount and all the helpful tips, I highly recommend this book.

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