Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More missing manuals

David Pogue's back with a new book, David Pogue's Digital Photography - the Missing Manual. This is the perfect book for entry level photographers who are just getting their feet wet in photography. It's also great for detectives, patrol officers, nurses, doctors, dentists, or anyone else who has been tempted into putting a small point-and-shoot camera into their kit.

Also out is Photoshop CS4: the Missing Manual by Lesa Snider King. My favourite feature of the Missing Manual series of books is that they are appropriate for users of all levels. I can feel comfortable recommending the book to a completely new user or to a power user. There's something in there for everyone. Also, rather than cheerleading, you'll also learn which features aren't worth your time. An honest assessment of the features is always a breath of fresh air.

Both books are a perfect compliment for my new Introduction to Forensic Photoshop class at AIFE. It seems that many folks are looking to images to both protect them against false claims as well as to properly document injuries, crime scenes, and so forth. There continues to be interest in the class which is quite encouraging. With the economic situation so tense, folks are looking for alternatives to the traditional training classes in distant places. The comfort of their own desk, at a substantially reduced rate, seems quite appealing.

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