Friday, November 21, 2008

What is Adobe Drive CS4?

I got a short e-mail from a reader that asked a simple question, "what is Adobe Drive CS4?" My guess is that she saw it on the install list for Photoshop CS4 Extended and wasn't too sure what to do with it.

In a general sense, Adobe Drive helps you to connect to Version Cue servers. Version Cue helps larger workgroups manage working on files, sharing assets, and much more. With Adobe Drive, the mounted drive looks and acts like any other mounted hard drive.

I don't know of too many law enforcement agencies that use Version Cue. Most people doing forensic analysis of images and video are working on stand-alone systems. For this type of user, Version Cue really doesn't have a part to play. For large labs or photography departments, Version Cue can be a life saver. Adobe Drive just makes it easier to work with Version Cue servers.

Click here to see what Adobe has to say about the subject.


Chris said...

Thank you, excelent explanation... much better than the adobe's website.

Simon said...

Thank you :-) Exactly the info I needed.

pavani said...

thank you !!!!!

pop said...

I Kmow nothing about photoshop.i just wanna learn it seriously.i was so confused seeing all the websites. i just downloaded the s/w.can any one help me posting some tutorials/links where to start and what to learn

zoe5 said...

Thanks for the illumination! This is how 3W works for all of us.
Adobe Expression Community is a good resource for us on the learning curve, too.

SunKing2 said...

Thanks! (nice design of this page too!)