Sunday, November 9, 2008

silly accident

"Act your age ... " is a popular refrain in elementary schools. Those of us who have advanced a bit beyond that point would do well to remember that little bit of instruction. 

I'm sitting at the keyboard, left hand in a fiberglass cast ... and its taken far too long to get this little bit of text typed out.

I'll be spending time, the next three weeks to be exact, getting slowly up to speed on some new and emerging technology. I've also got a dissertation to write in order to finally finish my degree in Organizational Leadership (the 33 degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry as a progressive course in leadership). I'll be hitting the blog sparingly during this time. When I come back, we'll be doing some fun things with MATLAB and the new Photoshop CS4.

Until then, you can find the new self-paced Forensic Photoshop e-learning class by clicking here.

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