Sunday, December 9, 2007

Proprietary Digital Formats - h.264 is here to stay

I wanted to point out this amazing resource. Streaming Media Magazine is great for understanding all things streaming video. In this month's issue, there is an article which has some outstanding insights on the future of h.264. I read this from the standpoint of an analyst and an evidence collection specialist and thought ... wait until the CCTV vendors get a hold of this open standard. We should all take a closer look at h.264 and get to know it well. It'll be here for a while.

Have you ever wondered
why digital CCTV is so proprietary? Here is some insight from the article, "Online video standardization has had a much more rocky road. For one thing, there was no top-down industry standardization as there had been for DVD and MPEG-2. And the fact that the online equivalent of the "DVD player" is software means that the barrier to entry is low—any company can try to introduce their own proprietary player. Because of this, it took almost a decade to shake out the standards for online video, and they're still too numerous. Although Adobe Flash Video has become the dominant platform for streaming and progressive download video, there are still three major flavors of downloadable video—Microsoft, Apple, and DivX/XviD."

There's the key, "...
no top-down industry standardization ..." Add to this, "... the payoff for inventing and owning new ways to distribute content is too high to pass up ..." and you have the formula for the CCTV industry.

On the topic of
h.264 video, page 84 has an article explaining the many ways this format is working its way into our lives.

There is also a well thought out review of
Adobe's Production Suite CS3 which includes a thorough treatment on the video encoding options as well as the problems with ingesting HD video in Premier Pro CS3.

Best of all, you can subscribe to the print version of Streaming Media Magazine for free.
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