Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More helpful links

Happy Boxing Day. Here are some helpful links to add to your forensic imaging bookmarks.

Color Management Terms from Digital Light & Color
"Delta-E: Delta-E (also written as ΔE) is a unit of color difference. One ΔE is equal to the smallest change in color the human eye can detect."

Using Curves and Histograms from Digital Light & Color
"Posterization -- How smooth is the histogram: Posterization is a special effect where an image is rendered using only a limited set of colors or gray levels. The smoothness of a histogram can tell you how well the image represents subtle tonal variations. The more the histogram consists of isolated spikes separated by empty spaces, the more the image is posterized."

The Cost of Printing With an Epson 4000 from Luminous Landscape
"Five factors determine the cost per print of the printer: (i) purchase price including taxes, (ii) retention period, (iii) rate of return, (iv) throughput and (v) estimated disposal value."

Image Security from Luminous Landscape
"One thing to bare in mind though is the file format that you save your files in. Unless this is a popular mainstream format (like TIFF or Photoshop's .PSD) it is possible that in as little as 10 or 20 years there may not be software around able to read it.

Whatever approach you decide to take though, backup early, backup often, and keep a complete archive at another location. One day you'll be glad you did."

The Epson Driver in OS X 10.5 (Leopard) from Andrew Rodney
"New in OS X 10.5 and the Epson driver is the ability to send 16-bit data to the printer by selecting the 16 bit/Channel check box. Note however that 16-bit data has to be sent from the current application even if you are presently editing a 16-bit document. For example, Photoshop CS3 and earlier versions always send the print driver 8-bit data on the fly. However, it nice to know that the Epson driver in OS X 10.5 is ready to support a high-bit print path when such applications are updated to hand off all the current data in a document."


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