Monday, December 10, 2007

CCTV User Group

This morning, I want to call your attention to the CCTV User Group. Located in the United Kingdom, the group has members around the globe and serves as an outstanding resource for information on public and private use of CCTV systems. You can find out more information by clicking here. Find out about the groups efforts outside the UK by clicking here.

One of the many benefits of membership is their magazine, CCTV Image. The November 2007 edition has features on School Security, Redeployable CCTV, as well as a response to draft CCTV Code of Practice. Past editions have dealt with highway CCTV, large event CCTV, public housing CCTV, as well as Video Analytics, and lens selection tips.

Of particular note in the latest edition is a link given in the CCTV User Group's Director's column to The Home Office ACPO National Strategy for CCTV. There is also a detailed discussion on the Strategy on page 8. "While developments in technology have outpaced some of the capabilities within the police and justice system, the new National CCTV strategy aspires to meet the challenges so the benefits and full potential of CCTV can be maximised," reads the commentary. It goes on to say that "the report acknowledges the significant role that CCTV has played in protecting the public and assisting the police, as well as the leading role that the UK has held in the development of CCTV worldwide." The UK's Home Office has produced some outstanding documents over the years. Those that are crafting best practice documents or SOPs for their agency should consult the HOSDB's on-line publications related to this complex field.

The why of this topic is best put this way: “You can create as many images as you want, but unless that person gets nailed in court there’s no point in creating the image! You’re the start of the journey to getting crimes into court and helping make our communities safer.” - DCI Mick Neville, Metropolitan Police (In CCTV Image, November 2007, pg. 22) I couldn't have said it better myself.

Visit the links and check this valuable resources out for yourself. Better yet, encourage your agency to fund your membership in the group. Groups like this deserve our support.


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