Friday, December 28, 2007

HP Saga Continues ...

I received a sweet surprise today. My HP laptop arrived. I say surprise because yesterday my "service manager" called to assure me that he (in Texas) was personally overseeing my repair (in California). He tried to reassure me that I would definitely have my laptop back by the 4th of January.

This morning, my laptop came with the day's Fedex. As much as I appreciate the early delivery (sarcasm intended), HPs communication problems will continue to cause them to lose customers (like me).

The repair sheet lists a new hard drive and a new heat sink/fan assembly. Small problem ... the laptop left with an 80GB hard drive and arrived back drive slightly smaller.

Once again, I am on hold with HP India ...

... 63 minutes later, I've spoken with 3 people in India and Nick in Oregon. Nick has sent a replacement HD that should arrive next week. Nick tried very hard to restore my faith in HP. I wish that HP had more tech staff like Nick so that my calls wouldn't get routed overseas and my problems would get solved in 3 days (as opposed to 3 weeks).


Glennsp said...

Change companies

Jim Hoerricks said...

Funny you should suggest that. I've already headed in that direction. I just submitted a specification to Lenovo for a project that I am working on and I am converting my office to 100% Mac.

Glennsp said...

Sorry my original comment was so curt I was in a hurry at the time.

Personally I think the 100% conversion to Mac is the best way to go. You get access to the best that Mac & PC have to offer and all in one machine (there are two bits of software to achieve this as I am sure you are more than aware)

If I had the wherewithal I would join you in the migration, but mine will have to wait a while.

Thank you for such an informative Blog. It was John Nacks mention of your site that lead me here originally and I have been so glad.

I am looking forward to the book "Forensic Photoshop". I am not in the field, but I find the processes involved fascinating and very informative on many levels.

A very Happy New Year to you