Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update to AmpedFIVE

There a new update to AmpedFIVE that addresses the issue of the potential for the addition of colour information when performing unsharp mask or laplacian sharpening. Build 4156 adds the choice between Intensity and Color mode in Unsharp Masking and Laplacian Sharpening.

We've done this exercise in my Photoshop classes. How do you perform USM without adding colour to your image? How do you answer the answer, "Did you add anything to this image?" if you use USM in your workflow - and don't control the processes in some way so as to limit the adjustments to only the lightness/intensity information.

There's a number of ways to accomplish this task in Photoshop, as long as you know what's happening. You can work in LAB, and only sharpen the L channel. You can work on an adjustment layer and control the effect with the appropriate blending mode. In AmpedFIVE, it's now much easier - just select Intensity when performing your sharpening. How cool is that?!


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