Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Authentication of images

Four and Six announced the release of their product recently. According to the company, "... Last month, I wrote a blog post about using the “3 F’s” to determine the authenticity of a photo. FourMatch is a tool for examining the first of these F’s, the File. Unlike many of the techniques we’ve detailed in this blog over the past year, FourMatch does not examine the photo itself, so it doesn’t look for inconsistencies in the image. Tools to handle these other F’s—Footprints and Flaws—will come later."

Ok. I'm not ready to publish my opinion on the product yet. However, I'll invite you to poke around their web site and ask these simple questions, given tight budgets and cutbacks, is FourMatch worth the $890 price tag? Does it add enough value to your workflow to justify the initial purchase price, plus the annual maintenance fees? Again, I'm not even hinting at my own opion in this matter - just asking you to formulate yours.


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