Friday, September 7, 2012

Training schedule

I'm hitting the road this fall. When the City's broke and can't pay overtime, they give time on the books. What better way to spend the time off than going out and training folks.

First on the list is HTCIA. I'll be there helping FinalData spread the good news about their superior analysis tools (I was at HTCIA last year talking about using FinalMobile to get everything off Samsung handsets). Living and working in a largely CDMA area, FinalMobile my tool of choice in assuring that I get a proper analysis - and get everything - off a mobile device. Yes, I know, I'm the video guy. But, video and images come from all sorts of places - including mobile devices like phones, iPads, iPods, and such. You'll want the best toolset to get the evidence, which is why FinalMobile is part of mine. (Yes, I know, Cellebrite UFED is easier to use ... but it doesn't always get everything off the device. FinalMobile will even work with a Cellebrite physical dump - cool.)

Next, it's off to Vegas (baby) to conduct a week-long session for Amped on AmpedFive. Although they're a bit quiet about it, you can bundle training into your software purchase in 2 day (Basic), three day (Basic - Intermediate), or 5 day (Basic - Advanced) sessions. They're really flexible about how they handle their training, either at their North American HQ in Las Vegas, in my training centre in Pasadena, Ca, or at your location. All it takes is a call or e-mail to set it up.

Then, after a brief rest, it's off to the LEVA conference in San Diego to present a session on Image Processing Fundamentals. Like I'm doing here on the blog, at the conference I'll be discussing the science behind the tools that we use every day and how it can be incorporated into your FVA testimony.

Finally, I'll be at the NaTIA Pacific Chapter conference talking about image authentication and some new tools that are coming on the market. The date/location is still TBA.

It's been a busy year, and this fall is no different. Regardless of who I'm working with, or the topic that I'm presenting, I'll always bring the viewpoint of helping us help the trier of fact correctly present, view, and interpret digital multimedia evidence. As such, I won't let blind loyalties to a single vendor's product get in the way of informing you as to what's out there and how to use it appropriately.


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