Thursday, September 6, 2012

PixInsight first look

Wow. If you want total control over every function involved in image clarification, PixInsight will blow your mind.

First of all - every clarification function that you want to do to an image is in PixInsight. You'll need to know about image processing fundamentals to know what it's called within the software, but it's in there.

So, I loaded an image - the famous SUV example - and popped open the CurvesTransformation process.

Very simply, this one panel allows me to control everything. Each of the RGB channels, the RGB/K, the LAB mode channels, hue, and saturation - without converting modes or switching to a new panel. All of that control in a single panel. Cool! In less than 30 seconds, I corrected the image.

So far ... I'm liking what I'm seeing. All this and FFT too ... !


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