Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Missing Photoshop Previews

Those with 64-bit Windows systems often complain about not seeing thumbnail previews of PSDs and TIFFs. Thankfully, there's a utility that fixes the problem.

From MysticCoder: "I use Photoshop and DDS textures extensively and couldn't believe thumbnail generation of major file types, particularly PSD and DDS, a Microsoft DirectX specific format, were not supported 'out of the box' in Vista (or anything else for that matter) and even more dejected when discovering x64 would not display thumbnails via existing x86 32 bit thumbnail generators due to the inherent incompatibility problems.

Lets face it. How many people use Photoshop? Probably just about everyone. We need our thumbnails! How many game designers want to see their textures in Explorer? Yes, that's right. All of them.

So, being a video game and graphics programmer I decided it needed to be fixed, and somebody had to take care of it fast. Properly. Once and for all. On all platforms.

The solution needed to be made available to the masses that would be experiencing the same pain as I - for free.

So I hope you enjoy being able to see your images, textures and other pictures that aren't supported by default."

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