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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Computer Tips for Presenting

I came across an outstanding article full of useful tips for presenters in AV Technology Magazine's current issue.

If you plan on using your own laptop, check with AV/IT staff to be sure they can support your brand/model computer.

What type of video does the computer output, DVI or VGA? A DVI connection is found on some newer machines, but the predominant connection is still VGA. If you have a DVI connection, confirm that the projector has inputs for DVI. If not, you will need a DVI-VGA converter. You’ll also need to understand how to output video from your computer. Most PCs have a key combination that tells the computer to output the video (instead of only on the internal screen). Typically, these keys include the “function” (Fn) button along with an F key. For example, on a Dell laptop, you press Fn+F8 to output to a projector. It’s your responsibility to know how to do this on your computer.

Some computers use proprietary outputs. For example, the MacBook computers use
either a mini-VGA or a mini-DVI cable to output the video. You need to know if your computer uses one of these cables. If so, it is your responsibility to bring one along with you. You should not assume that other facilities have the type of cable you need.

Read the rest of the article by clicking here.

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