Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blow-Up 2.o.3

You know that I like Alien Skin's Blow-Up 2. They're out with an new update - and it's free to registered users. The update features a new panel for CS4 that makes using the plug-in so much easier. You can also run Blow-Up 2.0.3 from the Filter menu (it used to be found in the Automate menu).

If you don't already own this inexpensive plug-in, there's great news. Everything in the
Alien Skin store is 20% off, but just until October 21st.

In other news, Jeff Butterworth, Alien Skin's CEO, snuck an Easter egg into Snap Art 2 when no one was looking. If you enter 111 into the Random Seed for the Stylize filter then it will render something out of the ordinary. He’ll give you a concrete reward for finding the Easter egg. Do you know the mathematician who discovered that beautiful shape? You can use his first name (without accents) as a coupon code in their online store to get 25% off. Consider this the math nerd version of the sale, both of which end on October 21st.

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