Monday, October 19, 2009

A Case Scenario : Best Practices for the Installation of CCTV Recording Systems

This just in from the FBI:

A Case Scenario : Best Practices for the Installation of CCTV Recording Systems

The FBI Forensic Audio, Video, and Image Analysis Unit (FAVIAU), with assistance from the FBI Training Division Distance Learning Technology Unit (DLTU) have developed a DVD Video containing the “Best Practices for the Installation of CCTV Recording Systems”.

For “24” Television series fans this is a must watch! FBI Agent Renee Walker has lent her narration skills to our project.

This twenty minute DVD Video is based on a realistic case scenario involving the do’s and don’ts of CCTV setup. The DVD contains exciting footage that will captivate its audience as well as explain the best practices and recommendations to provide personnel responsible for the installation and set up of CCTV systems guidance to obtain the best recorded footage possible. Topics include; general setup, resolution, cameras and camera placement, best collection methods of the recorded footage for Law Enforcement, native/proprietary file format, retrieval methods and much more.

The goal is to encourage Law Enforcement to pass out this DVD to the intended target audience: people who own, operate, install or are responsible for the purchase of the CCTV recording systems.

The DVD is expected to be ready for release January of 2010 and will be available free of charge to International, Federal, State, and local governments involved in law enforcement, security and counter-terrorism activities. Educators, contractors, vendors, suppliers and other interested parties will also be eligible to obtain the DVD free of charge.

More information will be forth coming when the DVD is released. Stay tuned.

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